See through (2023)
Höstguld (2023)
Athenaväven (2023), 155 x 260 cm
We look at each other. 120 x 80 cm
The Lena tapestry, 130 x 80 cm (2020)
"Statskunskapstorg" (Political Science Square)
the tapestry "Statskunskapstorg" was made for the Brusewitz Hall, Department of Political Science, Uppsala. October 2022
Rousseau's and the student's eyes meet. "Statskunskapstorg". Detail
Demonstration for peace and (human) rights. Political Science Square. Detail.
Young woman refugee. In the background, Machiavelli, Mary Wollstonecraft and John Locke look out over the Political Science Square. To the left detail from Leviathan in the form of a sea monster
Political Science Square (2022) (ca 625x270 cm), Brusewitz Hall, Political Science Dept., Uppsala University
Karin Johannisson2 (2023)
Professor Karin Johannisson (1944-2016) (2021), Gränby Public Library, Uppsala
Professor Karin Johannisson (1944-2016) (2021), Gränby Public Library, Uppsala
Virtual Friends, 2014 (200x264 cm) Uppsala City Library’s main entrance
Virtual Friends, 2014 (200x264 cm) Uppsala City Library
Virtual Friends is a paraphrase in the same size of Swedish artist Hanna Pauli’s painting Friends, from early 20th C.

Berit Sahlström have chosen to portray people in the tapestry who have become special to her through their writings: authors Ulrika Knutson (1), Selma Lagerlöf (2), Per Anders Fogelström (3), poet Kristina Lugn (4), educator/author Ellen Key (5), artist Hanna Pauli (janus face with Berit) (6), Helena Henschen (7j), art historian/author Germain Greer (8), Moa Martinson (9), author/philosopher Simone de Beauvoir (10), poet Sonja Åkesson (11), philosopher/author Judith Butler (12) and Jamaica Kincaid.
Virtual Friends, detail: Ellen Key
Virtual Friends, detail: Simone de Beauvoir
Virtual Friends, detail: Jamaica Kincaid
Queen Taitu of Ethiopia, 2011 (77x122 cm)
Queen Taitu of Ethiopia, detail
Butoselma, 2008 (102-71 cm) Portrait of Nobel Prize Winner Selma Lagerlöf. Gottsunda Public Library, Uppsala
Butoselma, detail
Fly Free (2018). Queen Christina of Sweden abdicates and goes to Rome (259x304 cm)
Fly Free, detail
Fly Free, detail
Women’s Room, 2015. Hanging in the studio before delivery to Uppsala University
Women’s Room, detail
Women’s Room, detail: Elsa Eschelsson
Women’s Room, detail: Sonja Lyttkens
Pioneer, 2017, 230x140 cm, Uppsala University
Gerd Enquist, 2016, 230x140 cm, Uppsala University
Window, 2018, 89x130 cm, Läkemedelsverket, Uppsala
Window, detail
Window, 2019, 154x79 cm. Faculty of Odontology, Triangle Station, Malmö. Ongoing project: Malmö suite
Leaves, 2018, 80x175 cm, Region Uppsala
Jump over fire, 2019, 150x118 cm
The Egg (2018), ca 150 x 200 cm